Have to Stop Now

So ill' be travelling and won't be able to work for the next two days on my game.. but i've managed to put together a decent amount of gameplay and more importantly it is complete :)
I had to aim low to keep up with the time but i think i managed ok .. there isn't as much polish in the game as i would like but can't help it.

Grab the final version FoxRun (sorry for the un-creative name.. couldn't come up with anything better :D)

There isn't a good menu for the game so did not bother to put it up :D just basic start screen.
Hope you like my game. ..  oo oo.. btw.. do check out this site if you are looking for music. Amazing site.. pretty good music..

All the best to you guys.. I will be back for judging :D

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Would it be possible to include pyglet in the .zip? That way I don't have to install too many things at the work computer ;)
There you go.. windows binary for you :)