Are you facing problems running FoxRun?

Hi fellow pyweekers.. i was wondering if everybody is able to run foxrun game fine?
If you face any problems running it.. please let me know so that i can help you fix it and run :)
Just for recap.. here are the features you should look out for in my game:
  •  Full 3D game
  • Dynamically generated in game puzzle. 
  • Dynamically generated map (object placement and road curves)
  • 3D Key frame animation.

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Note that you can download the windows binary if you are facing problem installing pyglet.
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Works okay for me, although there seems to be little or no variety to the curves in the road -- I assumed it was just a fixed zig-zag pattern being endlessly repeated.

Also, when moving left or right without also moving forward, the fox seems to turn about 45 degrees and then slide sideways.
the path is a sin wave with varying radius.. :) random radius picked and drawn..
As for the fox movement that was by design.. ..
And ya.. the game lacks variety and that is why the in game puzzle was added to make sure it gets a little interesting.

Thanks for the inputs man :)
also i forgot to mention  you do see flying bats and blades along the path which you should be avoiding..  i hope you played through to the end... or atleast till you saw the first puzzle.
Yes, there were bats, and things that looked like seashells to me but were apparently dangerous. And yes, I got to the end, although I almost gave up before then, believing that there was no end, and it was just repeating the same elements forever.

It would help if you could see that there was an end to the path somewhere ahead, or some distant landmark that was getting closer. Something to dispel the dispiriting impression that the world is looping endlessly.

The first puzzle did count for variety, but after that all the puzzles seemed nearly identical as well, since they were all made out of the same picture, and all equally simple to solve. A couple of easy-to-make improvements would be to use different pictures, and have some kind of progression of difficulty, such as increasing the number of pieces with each puzzle.
The pictures were different too :) they were screen shots of the game being used for a jigsaw puzzle :)
hmm.. surprising that it isn't apparent that they are different... pictures.. :D 
The number of pieces of puzzle do increase at random (3, 4 or 5 pieces)