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Little Red Riding Hood

A sort of turn-based pacman which involves Little Red Riding Hood gathering all the apples before the Wolf catches her.


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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 3.1
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 3.6

5% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 18


File Uploader Date
First Interesting Level
kcaze 2012/09/15 14:02
kcaze 2012/09/15 13:46
Title image
kcaze 2012/09/15 11:21
2nd version (with levels!)
kcaze 2012/09/14 16:13
End of Day 3
kcaze 2012/09/14 16:12
First working version
kcaze 2012/09/14 03:43
Day 2.5
kcaze 2012/09/13 13:52
Apples + Hood
kcaze 2012/09/13 02:28
First steps towards graphics
kcaze 2012/09/13 00:58

Diary Entries

Day 2

The actual game coding is done and tested with a curses-based front end. Graphics are being created now and added slowly to the game. Currently, the grass tiles, apples, and little red riding hood are done.

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Graphics Update

I found the graphics to be over saturated so I desaturated everything except for Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. All the graphical assets are done except for the walls which are invisible at the moment.

1. Wall graphics
2. Properly draw the sprites to fix depth issues
3. Create levels


First Playable Version

Just finished the art assets and hastily constructed 3 levels, the last of which I haven't actually tested. It's playable now, but I'd like to add in a few more features before I actually begin designing levels.

Goal: To gather all the apples, before you are eaten by the Big Bad Wolf. The BBW cannot backtrack, which helps somewhat ;)

Arrow keys - movement
z - action key (not used in this version, but in later levels, will allow you to go up and down stairs)
space - toggle whether the walls are visible or not

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2nd Version! With 7 levels now :D

I have a few more mechanics planned, but so far, I quite like the gameplay. The white and black tiles give a lot of room for designing really interesting levels. A couple of the levels I have so far are quite nice.

-Create 3 more levels.
-Add a title screen
-Implement two more game mechanics (if I have time/motivation)
-Compose some music (if I have motivation)

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Little Red Riding hood is finally done!

I'm pretty happy to have actually completed a PyWeek and created a game that is at least somewhat complete and fun :D

I've tested the game on Ubuntu 12.04, Windows 7, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and it runs great on all 3. However, it would be really helpful if some of you could test the game (download here: Little Red Riding hood) and tell me whether it runs on your machine. Thanks!

Below is a screenshot of the title screen and the first interesting level:

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