PyWeek - Little Red Riding Hood - feedback

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3 3 4

I found the puzzles a bit tedious but it's probably because I'm in a rush to judge all games at the
last minute. But still, animations and sounds could make the game more rewarding to play. The
sprites need to be bigger too -- it's tiring to solve the puzzle in a one square-inch area of the
screen. Nevertheless the basic game mechanic is great! With better production you could put
it up for sale. I'm not sure how it ties to the theme.

3 3 3

4 4 4

Wow. This is one of the best games in the competition. An interesting game. Very much.

3 3 5

Nice puzzle game idea!

2 3 3

By about level 3 it became too likely that pressing the wrong key by mistake, once, would be
enough to lose. Since I found the choice of movement keys a little awkward, this happened to me
too often to really enjoy the game.

4 3 4

I found it very funny :-) Probably I will play after testing the rest of the games.

3 3 4

Inventive and very challenging. I would have liked a gentler difficulty curve (because I'm a

4 3 4

Fun idea, nice sprites, addictive.

3 2 3

I had to convert all *.bmp to *.png to fix the transparency…

1 1 1 yes

alpha blending seems to be broken. so you can't see anything because of the overlaping images

4 3 3

Above average fun. Was an interesting challenge to stay out of the wolf's line of site. Most
points lost due to the production. There wasn't any sounds or music to set the mood. The tiles
were incorrectly drawn on my screen (Macosx using trunk version of pygame). The tiles were
drawn overlapping, without any alpha. So it was impossible to see behind the front tiles.

2 2 3

Nice game idea, but could use some polish and a little more to do.

2 3 4

I'm not able to understand the logic behing the movements of the wolf.. but I liked the
gameplay. What's about the theme?

2 3 2

Cool idea but it's hard to stay out of the big bad wolf's light of sight.

4 3 4

Nice puzzle design. The isometric perspective makes it harder than it should be.

2 1 3

There is some bug in picture usage: they all have pink background, not transparent. Don't know
why... :( So, it makes the game not playable at all. Otherwise it could be interesting...

5 3 4

nice game, sometime frustrating can you do a walkthrough I made only 7 levels

4 5 4

Bigger screen; Controls are hard because of diagonal stuff. Still love it. Adn played it all.
Really nice

2 2 3

I can't close the game, no menu, no transition when the character dies. It's a good puzzle idea