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The last looks
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End Of The Line

For the last couple of days I tried implementing an actually very simple wall (which you can see in the screenshot), which can have windows and doors in it at three different positions.

Instead of modelling it the usual way I decided to make it in code - which took me two days and didn't work in the end.

Unfortunately this has killed my remaining hope of finishing the game.

I guess I overestimated my abilities.

I'm really looking forward to mit-mit's entry, who is the only one (other than me) writing a 3D game from scratch.

I do however have a new game idea (highly inspired by Hacknet) - one I will develop outside of PyWeek, which definitely has potential, depending on what you make of it (which doesn't mean I'm necessarily going to do it right).

If - for some inexplicable reason - you are interested and have any experience in C++ programming, 3D modelling, art, composing music, storytelling or you are just curious, fetch me an e-mail to

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Well - at least I did something

Only a few things added today..

we can now make walls (partially) - wow -

Map generation sorta works too.

That's about it.

Programmer's note (why am I even saying that? I'm the one writing all of this anyway):

I guess I did have an awful headache, so -- it's not all my fault.

Only four days left.

If I don't do something tomorrow, I'll be in big trouble..

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Not an awful lot

I didn't want to say "nothing", but we really didn't do an awful lot today.

At least we decided on a more specific concept. Now we'll just have to get the engine to do what we want of it and create the rest of the game.

Programmer's note:

I had to do school work.

I'm really concerned about time. I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve (especially for audio), but there is a LOT to be done in a very short time - you know - a game isn't a lot of fun, when it only has a single level.

Only a few additions and optimizations were done today.

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Le challenge has begun

We have a very vague concept of what's to come.

Without giving away too much, it has to do with strategy.

We now have a GitHub repo.

Programmer's notes:

I have started creating a good engine. It already supports 3D rendering, texture loading and a camera.

Joystick input is in the making.

No thought has been given to creating audio yet - which is a shame.

No gameplay elements. (I implemented a cursor though - it seemed to bee somewhat important)

No actual textures have been created.

No name was found.

No AI, no intro, no tutorial, no multiplayer, no cross platform, no fun, no bugs.

Let's see if we can change that in the next couple of days.

First looks (it's a GIF.)

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