Not an awful lot

I didn't want to say "nothing", but we really didn't do an awful lot today.

At least we decided on a more specific concept. Now we'll just have to get the engine to do what we want of it and create the rest of the game.

Programmer's note:

I had to do school work.

I'm really concerned about time. I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve (especially for audio), but there is a LOT to be done in a very short time - you know - a game isn't a lot of fun, when it only has a single level.

Only a few additions and optimizations were done today.

Zuzu_Typ on 2018/04/16 20:20 of Graupel-Shower

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Who says this it isn't fun with only one level? Could be a some element of a different/innovative design.

..and yes - short time is really an issue