Fixing bugs during the first hours of the competition because i used esoteric unicode characters
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Planning and more planning

As hinted at by the title of our entry we're doing a 4X game.

Not the beer. That there is a dead herring.

We spent most of today fleshing out some plans we already had for the game. The data model got some initial love and is settling down. The interface between client and server is forming. The user interface ... well, I'm using Kivy this time around so I'm figuring out my way around some of its interesting implementation. There's some neat ideas in there...

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Some progress

I've spent more time working on the pyweek website itself and going to Python user groups than working on the game. Shh don't tell my team-mate :-)

I've managed to find someone to help out with fixing website bugs - he's just migrated the message feedback stuff to the New Improved Django 1.4 (or whatever version it was introduced) style of doing things. I've not released it to the live system yet. I hope to have the rating system fixed up before judging starts :-)

I have managed to work some more bits of Kivy out. Three screens of the game are now kinda implemented. One pull request and one offer of additional help submitted to the Kivy project :-)

It's pretty good progress. There may be something playable by Sunday...

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Thursday update

The server code is creating games and is installed and running. The client is making persistent changes to local game state. It's slowly coming together. We've just got a bunch of game model to flesh out and some plumbing to do and the hey presto, it's a game! Well, you know... :-)

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[belated diary entry for the second last day]

Spent most of today not working on the game, not by choice. Got the client talking to the server and completed the game model (spending way too much time farting around with sqlalchemy.)

I've really only got about half a day left that I can spend on the game (I also have to make sure the website rating form works) so I don't think it's going to be playable by the deadline. My co-conspirator is off at a wedding for the weekend - he promises he's taken a laptop and will do some game dev but I expect he'll be having other fun :-)

Oh, and so far there's no mention of the theme in the game whatsoever ;-)

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days[-1] no show

I got a bunch done today including setting up single-player games and working through a bunch of the turn processing. The UI caused me some pain and I ran into some other issues but overall I think I got a lot done for the approximately 5-6 hours I got to spend on it. I'm looking forward to sorting out the issues post-PyWeek and getting the game to a playable state. It's just not at all submittable tomorrow. Another DNF I'm afraid :-)

Oh, and I really need to fix the entry ratings form before judging starts...

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