Team Photo!


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Superb :)
oh wow, you folks sure are real dapper dressers.
I'm pretty sure these are contestants from "So you want to be a Superhero": Tiger Boy, Princess Parasolia, Captain Cardboard, and Doctor Strangesmell. Go team!
henachtnoah: You cannot go wrong with Doctor Strangesmell!
(A spammer was asking for dressing advice and luckily hit this thread :). The spam has been cleaned up though! Thanks!)
I remember this. It was my birthday. :)
What are the usernames associated with the meatspace avatars in this picture?
I'm the one on the left. As per our team roster that time ( the others are Carrie, Martin and adam. I'll keep the order of those a mystery. There were some other great costumes there too by people not on our PyWeek team.