Shark killing game

My game seems to be about killing sharks now. There is now basically a stream of sharks that come at you and you have to shoot them. I will add some more enemies, such as the sailboat I had in the mockup screenshot. Currently I'm trying to fix the code so that the waves aren't such a kludge that they are now. I will probably try to make the waves a core thing to the gameplay mechanic, so that you'll have to take advantage of the height differences to reign victorious.

pekuja on 2006/03/27 18:53 of Trip on the Funny Boat

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hey nice looking!
Oh the poor sharks! Couldn't we have some sort of motive thing? Maybe you play Moby Dick?
I assure you, the sharks are very evil. I thought Moby Dick was the whale? He doesn't run on steam does he? ;-) Anyways, if you're worried about the poor sharks, just imagine they're dolphins. That should help.
Those are some sweet looking sharks!

Hey you could make the game about having to "jump the shark"! That always works.... atleast for TV shows.. :)

Look at this project perhaps you can take something from there.. also in the cvs version are fish animations!
Oh, right you are. But whales eat sharks, right? And if he's being chased by a steamboat, then isn't he running on steam, in a sort of roundabout way?
I think whales eat plankton, so that probably wouldn't work too well... I might have a whale as an enemy though.
About the imfish: I don't think the colorful, non-threatening fish would make for very good enemies, and at this point I'm probably going to try to make some more varied enemies instead of more fish. ;-)
Oh, and I just want to note, the game isn't actually supposed to be about killing sharks, but I'm just calling it that because that's all you can do right now. :-P
You are my heeeero Pekuja! Make them have lazer beams on them! ;)