Warmed up.

It's a couple of days late, but I finished my warmup entry for the theme "E = MC^2".

It took around 3 days to write and draw, and another half-day (today) to make the sound effects. It uses the experimental pyglet 1.0alpha2, just released yesterday (there are very few API changes since the previous release).

So, if you're feeling twitchy, grab pyglet from the link above and then download conserve-1.zip. Requires a reasonable graphics card and OpenAL.

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Update: I've added Windows and Mac OS X executables, both with batteries included (no need to install pyglet or Python). Windows users will still need to ensure that they have OpenAL installed.
Pretty cool, I enjoyed it. I like the idea, and the way you made the mass-energy bar fits quite well with the theme. Thanks for the game.

By the way, on the competition, it might be more convenient for us if you also added a source package with batteries included. :)
Awesome :)