Nearing the end, level editor, actual gameplay, and more!

Ok, its 2:53 AM my time thursday night/friday morning and I am going to be heading to Seattle tomorrow. My fiancé is going to be working on her Master's portfolio, so I get a few hours to kill to try and get this thing beyond where it is. If I don't finish Friday night, I will wake up saturday morning, and sadly do another last day scramble to get everything done. At least its playable this time, and I have learned WAYYYY more this time around.

I uploaded the last version of Death Tower (0.04) before I start releasing final versions, this is mainly because the size of the ogg's, and that I will be adding more songs and graphics. Feel free to play with the game so far, it is not really really playable but it works great, and you can't really die.

I also uploaded a Level Editor because Pekuja made enough :-( at me to release it. Its really really ghetto, and the code is super sloppy, and you MUST put it in the same directory as or it will not load any of the images. Use the arrow keys to change layer/tile, and use the mouse to place tiles. Left mouse adds, right mouse deletes from that layer. It does not load any maps yet, that will hopefully come tomorrow. So for now all you get a level creator, if you mess up, you can always just edit the .txt manually. I apologize if it does not work on linux systems because of folder names, like I said its ghetto and not included in my game for a reason.

I will also release a final level editor with level loading as well just because thats essential for me to modify old levels and add new items/monsters/things.

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heading to Seattle tomorrow

I'll be driving through Seattle tomorrow, myself. I'll wave as I go by.

I also uploaded a Level Editor

I spent a few hours using my level editor today to make my levels - I ended up with 3 tutorial levels and 18 normal levels. If not for the level editor, I'd have maybe 5 levels total. And they'd be a lot more similar to one another. And I'd have less inclination to tune for gameplay reasons.

Random "oh, crap" moment - after having made a few changes to my level editor, I made a few levels with it that I really liked, and saved them out. I then realized that my editor was saving the mass of the planets as ints instead of floats. All my masses started out at .2 or .8, and they all (ALL!) ended up as 0. Fortunately, my file format supports easy search-and-replace, so I was able to reconstruct the intended masses.

I'll wave at both of you if I see you around, I live in Seattle. Although I don't know what either of you look like, but I want let that stop me. Good job cthulhu, you accomplished a lot.