Game Submitted!

It's done ... I'm wrecked :) ... hope you like it! Fingers crossed for no bugs, but please respond here (or catch me on the discord) if you find any!

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It works great but I did encounter one weird graphical issue, with horizontal streaks whenever a light or a blue hazard would go off the screen to the left (screenshot). It might be a pygame bug? I'm using pygame 2.3.0 if it matters. If anyone else encounters it, it can be fixed by adding the following line in two places, at line 56 of src/, and at line 65 of src/

        if p[0] < 0: return
Thanks Cosmo! Doh! ... I should know to always test with latest versions of libraries :)
Yup, just tested: seems to work fine on PyGame versions up to 2.1.0, then causes problems on the latest version. Thanks again for picking it up! I've added it to a list of known issues :)