Nearing the end, so close but so far

Wow, is it THURSDAY already?!? Crap, where has the time gone.

Well my game does not look much different than the old screenshot, but damn does it do a lot more. Last night I implemented the following:

I spent a LONG time tracking down a few bugs that were my fault in the collisions which lost me about an hour of hard work last night. But things are looking more promising than last pyweek, my game feels a lot more solid and playable than my old one, and I am more confident that I'll be able to get it somewhat running how I'd like. Plus my object oriented design is sooooo much better, I know use a very nice scheme of Main loads Game class, calls Game.Run(), Game loads a scene class, scene displays whats in the scene, and goes back to Game when it returns, this way you can go in and out of a game without leaving the Game Class.

I also uploaded the songs I have so far in .ogg format. DrPetter's Musagi is a really sweet tool, i HIGHLY suggest it to anyone wanting some old school touches to their game.
Download Songs Here