Python 2.4 VS 2.5

What will you use to run the games? I'm toying with the new features in 2.5 and I don't want it to break on computers that didn't / can't (apparently ubuntu is written in python, so you can't upgrade without breaking the kernel :)) upgrade...
So what will you be using?

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I'm using 2.5 but steering clear of any 2.5 specific features.

However, I'd be surprised if 2.5 couldn't be installed on Ubuntu as I would have thought it would be possible to install it to a different location. I know AIX and Linux aren't quite the same(!), but I certainly have multiple versions of Python co-resident on at least one AIX box at work.

The standard ubuntu python is 2.4 but it doesn't affect the kernel which is C. It can affect some programs though but you can install 2.5 to /usr/local as the 2.4 is in /usr
I'm running 2.4, and since I'm using Gentoo, won't be upgrading any time soon (Portage - the package manager - is written in Python, therefore they aren't likely to mark 2.5 stable very quickly). I do have the option of booting into Windows, though, if I absolutely must.
Ahhh must rewrite 2.5 specific features! ahhhh!
Well at least you people try and write code that compiles in 2.5...:)
From "The current production version is Python 2.5. You should start here if you want to learn Python or if you want the most stable version." Packages are available for just about every Linux distro, so there's no reason not to upgrade. According to the competition rules, we need to make the games to run on the latest versions of the core libraries. It doesn't say anywhere that we need to support old versions. That puts the onus on the 2.4 users to upgrade.
Adam: as of Feisty Ubuntu is 2.5 :)

Ubuntu can allow users to install many versions of Python - you just have to say "apt-get install python2.5" to get 2.5 on a pre-Feisty box.

Richard, I tried that on two versions of Ubuntu and it did not succeed.
Can you clarify in the rules that people should use the latest version of python, because I don't want to get rated down if someone has 2.4 and doesn't bother to manually install 2.5 on his Ubuntu somewhere (which I don't blame him, this is stupid)? Or clarify that you should use 2.4...Just clarify something...
richard: Feisty's only just beta though so dapper and edgy are much more likely
Mickle: use whatever you like and make sure you note the dependency in your README.
mangobrain: you can install many versions of python side-by-side on Gentoo. My box has "python" symlinked to python2.4 (which portage uses), but python2.3 and python2.5 are also available. No special tricks to get this to happen, it's the default behaviour when emerging.
Richard - There's no C in Mikle :)...
And if I use 2.5, most of the Ubuntu people couldn't play it, and maybe other people, so what's the use?