another late night, more success

Well tonight was really successful in my book

First important goal of the night: I got player-tile detection going just perfectly! I think I am going to simplify it a bit because I am doing a way I have not seen before and is probably not the most efficient. In fact, now looking back I can think of at least one way to speed it up a little!

Next goal, I got scrolling pretty much down on the character. I have one tiny bug in not being able to go beyond 32px of extra scroll space, but that bug will be squashed soon, not on my highest priority.

Next thing was that I got the lizard guys working. I made all the sprites and made a really easy little dummy AI that does nothing but pick a direction and either idle or move. The monsters are really close to the player, and they know the max of the level based on the size the tile engine gives me.

FUTURE GOALS haha i guess that didn't need to be bold. I am going to be working on monster-player collision, monster-monster collision, then get some weapons going so there will be actual gameplay. I know the big note to pyweek'ers from Richard is get gameplay first, then work on everything else. Well I am kinda overkilling the gameplay, but it will be coming soon! After I get that, I can start adding levels, change the palette for the lizard guys, add maybe 2 or 3 more enemies, add in items & possible puzzles, start to work on minor RPG elements, touch up the menu, get some music/sound, so much to do so little time. I am excited and tired. Goodnight everyone!