Did "decorporation" break the rules?

The entry decorporation appears to be using code cut-and-pasted from this sample program:

Since this sample code is not a library and--more importantly--implements game logic, did this entry break the rules by doing so?

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It is in a tutorial though: http://arcade.academy/examples/platform_tutorial/index.html
Does that make a difference?  Only the "tip" mentions tutorial code (I assume as an example of something acceptable under the rule), and the rule goes on to mention that such things should be considered equivalent to a library, and the rules explicitly state that libraries may not implement game logic.

Part of the code copied from the tutorial literally is marked with the comment "Movement and game logic".
I think that the "tip" ("Release the code well before the comp as part of a tutorial. Then you may refer to it – and so may the other competitors.") is attached to the previous statement that you "are not allowed to use any exising[sic] personal codebases. This includes using those codebases as a point of reference." (emphasis my own, bold not). I think these two statements imply that you may merely refer to tutorial code, rather than copy-and-paste it. This also lines up better with "If online documentation includes code snippets, that’s ok, just don’t cut-n-paste the code directly into your game." Although it also says that you can paste in code from the Pygame cookbook, which would seem to somewhat contradict all of that.
it's written from_scratch:false in file classification.json
I tried to mix pymunk tuto with arcade tuto but it failed.

Except that i learned a lot, and i was happy to participate.
Few people work with something else than pygame. I have much less code source example to study . i hoped to success and to share , but that's hard.
As you can see, i was not competitive. During pyweek , i also tried to work with godot engine and the python-binding. but i also failed. 
The copy'and'Paste Game logic rule is targeting Hyper Advantage thats lead to gain time over competitors.
Do you see I was not on this way ?

maybe Rules Text could evolve a little bit to make things clear, and beginner friendly, to keep Pyweek Spirit alive.