Simplest way to manage tmx files with pyglet on python3 ?

i saw those links:

some are obsolete, other are heavy to use.

Does somebody have something clear , user friendly, and working with pyglet on python3 ?

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We used the tmx library in PyWeek 24 (not to be confused with PyTMX). I don't recall what the trade-offs were or why we chose that over other libraries. TMX is pretty heavy weight though, in the sense that it can represent a lot of things. You invariably have to dig through the file data to extract the features your game engine supports.

hi mauve, thank you for your answer.

you are talking about sincer apologizes ?
Does your tmx works on python 3 ?

i had trouble to make it work at home, sincer apologizes looks great, i'm on 3.7.3 , could you upload it again ?
 41% respondents marked the game as not working.
Yes, My Sincerest Apologies.

I believe it works on 3.7; the issues with not working are due to OpenGL versions and also the difficulty of building the lightvolume library.