Day 1

So, day 1 is almost over.
Was I surprised when the theme "6" got chosen? Well, not very surprised at least. A little bit maybe.
I had difficulty finding a good game idea.
After 1 hour of sitting in front of my laptop (while looking out of the window and observing the beautiful day), I came up with the game idea:
HexaPizza! A pizza shaped like a hexagon (a hexagon has six / 6 sides=, so that's valid, isn't it? Hah, well.

The job of the game will be to delivery pizza on an electric scooter! And if possible, in time.

Before I started with the active development phase, I wrote some documents on what the exact game objectives will be and what will be part of the game etc. This took about 1-2 hours.

After that, I went jogging today for 45 minutes. After that, I felt exhausted, but so calm, that working on the game for 4 hours felt really great!  I recommend to every one of you to go jogging, it helps you to concentrate and gives you a happy/good feeling. Woohoo.

I started out by creating the directory structure for the game.
Next, I started programming classes for loading files (image, texts/maps).
Then I continued creating classes for generating the map.

I tested everything, and well, I am happy that the map generator works.
I am too tired now to write more but stay tuned and thanks for reading!  I will post some pictures in the next diary entry.