Day 1 morning

Good morning! It is my third pyweek. I can spend time on whole week but I expect some large distractions on Tuesday and Wednesday.


6 is a good theme but I wanted the Wonder Drug! I have prepared a good plot for it with some interesting details. Now I need something new.

I like the theme but only revolvers comes to my mind. Well. I can make a game about ANYTHING and add revolver in the end.

Another idea. Just do a clone of Might and Magic 6! (Or is it Might and Magic VI? Never mind.)

Aaah, brilliant! I gonna make a FPS about escaping from vi!

Menu and music

In the previous pyweek it was a good idea to make menu and music on day 1. Because it is adds some points, it is important, it can be done right now and later I will have no time for this.


Pycharm worked better than idle or QtCreator+pyqtc. Tiled Map Editor worked better than kolourpaint.

P.S. Styles looks incorrect:

Header 1


Header 2


Header 3


Header 4