How to delete a Team Entry?

I was planning to participate in Pyweek 27, but due to IRL issues pertaining to school I don't think I will be able to participate.

Is there a way I can delete my entry? I can't really find a button like that on the Manage menu.

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I think if you don't post any files, you will get marked DNF and be removed from judging--but I haven't participated since the ratings change, so I could be wrong. Don't worry about it in any case! Hope that your issues are not severe, and that maybe someday you'll come give it another shot!
According to the Rules Page, you can just email Daniel and he can remove it. The rules page said his email was
Ok, I can delete it, but it's a team entry with Keyghman, so does that mean you are both pulling out?
Yes, We have both agreed to it.