Progress, scrolling tiles, a better grasp

Damn I am working 100 times quicker than pyweek 3, I have a tile engine going, scrolling tiles, a moving character in 8-ways, I hit the ground running this time around.

I have uploaded Death Tower v0.01, which has the intro, menu, and now a preliminary in-game feel of how it will play.

I also updated the screen to show what its like, I will work on tile-player collisions tomorrow. After that, I have a few things I can work on, I think I am going to add enemies and player-enemy collisions to make it playable so I will have a playable game demo going.

PS: holy crap the other entries are looking great, I am really excited to play some of these games! Dr Conrad B Hart, jebus could your 3d look any better damn.

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So far I'm more excited about the other entries in general than I have been for any other such competition. The amount of people using opengl is at an all time high. Nice job on death tower so far. Reminds me of the game we made for a 72 hour contest last year - it was also a gauntlet-ish clone. Those are always fun to make, because you can fit a lot of different elements into them, and yet, they can be pretty quick to make compared to other things. I.e., no story like you need for a real rpg, and no hard collision detection like you need in a platformer. By the way, I had to remove a bunch of parenthesis to run your code, namely "class Game():", "class level():", "class menu()", and "class scene()": - I'm not sure if this is a python2.4 problem only, but it doesn't like the parenthesis there if you aren't subclassing. Maybe you meant to subclass?