Day 7 (and some bugs)

Aargh, game breaking bugs introduced at the last minute! As is customary I've uploaded a 1.0.1 with bugfixes for game-breaking issues only. I've played end-to-end now and the game is completeable.

I've not done many diary entries over the latter part of the week, despite posting a few screenshots. I was posting animations and then realised that this might include spoilers so I slowed down ;-)

As always it was a race to the finish line, and the level design was mainly left until last. We have a great engine, but only 11(?) full levels. I think there are some real challenges in there, though, so hopefully it's a good amount of content. If you can decode the level text-file format you can try creating your own levels.

I'm very happy with the game, on the whole. It is cute and colourful and challenging and satisfying. I hope you enjoy it!