[Solved] - Cannot Upload ='(

Hey guys !
Pretty urgent, but I have been trying to upload for now half of an hour and after several minutes I got a bad gateway ?
Any solutions ?


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Do git push!

Rules says that you have 1 extra day for uploading your entry.

Oh well my repo is up to date !
Yeah I just saw that while reading the rules.
Will try again later I guess ^^'

Thanks for your answer dude ;)
How big is your file? There have been problems with very large uploads...
My file is about 45mo !
I think it is already a good size but do you condiser it to be a very large upload ? =O
How long is it taking to upload, though? Timeout is set to 300 seconds; some people were tripping this last time...
If the worst comes to the worst, upload it to your GitHub releases page and I'll get it uploaded.
We manage to find a solution.
Thanks for your proposition !