Day 8 - Sounds, Tutorial, Bug Fixes, Finished!

I'm done, finally. I've gotten up at 4 AM every morning (except for yesterday, which I got up at 3:30, and today I got up at 3AM). I'm so exhausted, I'm ready for a good nap.

But, I'm still going to list the changes I made today, because that's what I've been doing all week, so that's how I'm going to finish the Week.

Today I implemented the sound effects into the game. Their volume can be toggled by the volume slider in Settings, and you can toggle them on/off by using the "SFX" option in Settings.

Another thing I added is a Tutorial. It's on level 1, and it basically just guides you through getting the flow of Traffic going and some other helpful tips.

I also added a way to make the game more challenging. I messed around with the unhappiness settings for a bit until I got a System that stopped the timer [in some modes] if you had too many angry cars that were stopped. This was to prevent "cheating" by not moving any of the cars to beat a Level or to set a Highscore, so I thought I might as well do it. There's also a notification that pops up when this happens saying that the Timer has stopped, and is closeable [until you make more cars angry] and will go away once the flow of traffic is restored.

I spent a good 5 hours debugging today. I playtested every little aspect of the game, in Python 2, in Python 3, and in Windows (Now you know why it took 5 hours). I recompiled my code so many times I can't recall the exact number of how many times I did it. But, I did get 98% of the bugs out for a good quality entry. I'll also try to get a OS X Build out some time later, but there are no guarantees on that.

It was a great PyWeek, and I'll see you all on November 11.

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I noticed that the windows build is on the large size ~100mb - in the zip there's a pyweek26 dir that has a build dir and the build dir has a exe.win32-2.7 with a pyweek26 dir with a build dir and so on .. 6 levels deep! I don't think that's intended.

Yeah, that was probably because of the way I compiled it. My setup took the whole directory and then copied it into the exe directory, which also had the exe directory copied into that, and this basically just repeated for a long time. Any other day I would've caught that and fixed it but when I was compiling I was kinda in a hurry to finish.