Day 4 and Day 3 - Core Challenges, Gamemodes, Menus

I forgot to hit "Save Changes" on yesterday's diary entry out of exhaustion, and didn't realize until this morning. So this is gonna be quite a long post. I'll try to summarize as much as I can.

Game modes

I added 3 different game modes, each with their own purpose and challenge.

  1. Classic Mode - The Default Game Mode where you can win by getting a certain number of cars to the exit, or by avoiding a certain amount of crashes for a certain amount of time.
  2. Survival Mode - This is a mode where you can have no accidents happen, or else it's Game Over. I'm planning on adding a local highscore board for times in this mode to see how you can "survive".
  3. Free Play Mode - Remember when I said each mode had a challenge? I lied, this one doesn't. This mode isn't supposed to be challenging. It's just supposed to be there for practice or just general messing around with the game.


I added almost all the UI for the game. I added the Main Menu, a mode select, a level select, a settings screen, and a [temporarily] blank how to play screen. I added fully functional buttons w/Keyboard Shortcuts just for fun. I added on/off sliders for the Settings Menu. I'm mostly done with this aspect of the game, so I don't really have to worry about it, so that's pretty great.

Core Challenges

Of course, every game has a challenge, or else it's not fun. The challenges are just basic things like goals to win the level or penalties to stop you from winning the level, such as:

Other "smaller" things I added

Okay that's everything I did today but I'm not done yet...

Things I plan to finish tomorrow (this is mostly for self-reference so I don't forget)

Still not done yet. I still have screenshots.

This is the main menu:

Day 4 Main Menu

This is a picture of Gameplay with indicators above accidents and unhappy drivers:

Day 4 Screenshot in Classic Mode

Okay now I'm done writing. I'm going to bed now.

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Unhappy drivers should do this and that and then (on higher difficulties) ignore the red lights or drive off-road :)

Yeah, I was thinking of adding Car Horns when they get wait for too long. Since Drivers don't actually ignore red lights in real life, I'm not sure if that would be entirely accurate, but we'll see.

Feature requests, if you interested.
1. Car obey lights in a whole cross road. Car should obey lights when entering a cross road but it is free to leave.
2. Car will crash into a standing car. Accidents should happen only if driver can not see the car it hitting.

I'm from Russia. Drivers ignore rules here if red lights active too long. Long time ago police controlled some road crossings manually in a weekends. They intentionally left red lights too long to provoke drivers on an expensive cars and collect bribes. And some drivers drives off road to avoid jams. It is illegal and fines for this are high, but I still see such drivers.

I heard roads in other countries are much worse.

It looks really good! You've done an amazing job so far and you should be very proud.

Our team have been developing almost the exact same idea, but I think it's going to turn out quite different - for 1 we definitely move muuuch slower xD can't believe how fast you've gotten everything up and running! Congrats :)