Website Updates

Hi everyone,

 I've made a few changes on the website that I want to draw your attention to.

You can now add Twitter and GitHub accounts on your profile page. You can also add a GitHub repository link on your entry page (and should).

The new Latest Activity page shows a feed of various things that are happening. It doesn't yet auto-refresh but that's the thing to keep clicking Refresh on.

You should also verify your email address under Account Settings.

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Just checked the theme voting for tonight and it looks set to go. I'll check in shortly after midnight. (I've changed some of the midnight update job to use the new mailing system and activity log.)

Thanks for the hard work, and and and The theme page is not found :)
Ok, take back what I said, the page is OK:)
Slightly late, due to not having saved a Django model I thought was saved, but we're go now!