Day 7

Wow, what a rush. The last day is always super long, but you can get tons done on the back of an engine that you spent the rest of the week writing.

This morning one of the big tasks was to get the dark world looking right. It now has 3D walls, though due to some problems with the asset packs I was using there are some glitches in the way the tiles match up. I tried turning on shadows for the point lights, which looks great:

...but the performance wasn't good enough so I turned it off again.

Here's the final count on Python vs Javascript:

$ wc -l darkworld/*.py
 2436 total

$ wc -l assets/js/dark-world.js 
1064 assets/js/dark-world.js
The game logic really started to dominate once the client was capable of loading and rendering models. More and more it was the interactions that were being coded and all of that is in Python. In fact there are quite a few things to do. One of the things you can do is shop with the blacksmith:

When I made the AI a bit better, the Dark World became pretty challenging, so I don't recommend going in individually.

I learned quite a lot this Pyweek:

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Looks awesome! Looking forward to giving it a proper playthrough!