Red vs Blue (Battle of the two "biro" Worlds)

Spent some hours this evening rewriting the code to make it a two player side scrolling racing game, added a whole bunch of game objects for the players to avoid (at risk of slowing them down) and updated the colours of the original stick-figure animations.

PyGame Zero and Mu have been really great in this respect and I've managed to quickly turn things around in terms of code. The "design" work for the graphical game assets was a right royal pain and I'm getting to really dislike the GIMP (but my only other option in terms of art packages that I know, is MS Paint). ;-)

The end result is a completely different game, but it sort of looks very similar. In any case, there's an aim to win (get X distance in front of the other player) and the game gets progressively harder (more objects appear and they speed up). I need to tweak some of the settings and game-play but I think I'm almost there...!

Tomorrow I need to:

* Add an intro (instructions) and outro (when a player wins).
* Add some textual information to the screen (distance between players, power-up information).
* Add sounds / music.
* Package the thing so I have something to upload for people to look at.
* Add a bunch of polish / tweaks as a result of "play" testing.
* Saturday is completely out for me, so I need to be "finished" finished by the end of tomorrow.

I also have a whole bunch of feedback for Dan about PyGame Zero.

In any case, here's what it looks like right now:

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You should have separate red objects and blue objects for each character to avoid.
is this a multiplayer game?
Looks cool!
Yeah, this is multiplayer... it's been lots of fun to make, if a tad hectic at times. ;-)