Finally decided

I have finally decided on what kind of game I am going to put together. I am definitely set on a gauntlet style action/rpg where you have to acquire new things to become stronger. So you start out with your fists, and you have to battle really weak monsters to get a dagger. This also means you have an inventory, so you can press start and go to your inventory and setup your character appropriately. Thus the RPG style, plus you will have experience points and level up to become stronger. Leveling up will also mean distributing points, so you can become faster, stronger, smarter, or luckier. Some floors will also contain items needed or desired for moving ahead, so you will be able to backtrack, but monsters will respawn when you do. Also, you will run into floors of friendlys that will sell you things like weapons, items, spells (maybe?)

For my working version, all this game will be is a guy running around hacking up enemies. As the game progresses, it will turn from pure Action to Action/RPG. Plus I have to make a lot of sprites so that will hinder it somewhat in a week. Music will also come in handy, as I recently was told about DrPetter's Musagi program which ROCKS.

Oh yeah, first sprite!

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A few questions that you can totally ignore because you are insane enough to try and make an RPG :) First - are you using color keying for that yellow thing? Second - did you make it? if so you are good... Third - what about the theme incorporation? Are you thinking level *up*?