Day 1 - Brainstorming

I've been brainstorming for about 2-3 hours on what I could make, and I came up with two game ideas for the "Two Worlds" theme.
Here are two pictures, one showing my programming / music prod workspace and the other one the whiteboard with the two game ideas.

I think I will go for idea 1, because it sounds more interesting to me.

Basically, both ideas are shoot-em-ups, idea one is about defending two planets (two worlds) against a meteor shower for a certain amount of time.  Idea two is about defending robots or something like that from entering somewhere.  To detect the robots, one needs to use the radar, but to shoot them, you have to turn off the radar.  And where is the theme in that?  Well, there is the visible world, where you shoot the objects and the invisible world, which is being made visible by using a special radar.

I will begin programming later today! :D

Programming/music workplace
Whiteboard with the two game ideas!

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aha, your workspace looks good, If possible, change a place have windows, no sunlight is terrible for me. Just joking, I even do not have my own working room  :)