pyweek #25 help

hi... so im new on pyweek and i need help. I understand that we are going to vote for the theme, however, who determines the suggested themes? Also, who determines the winner of the challange? Can i use other librairies than pygame? That's my questions, thanks in advance. :)

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You can use pyglet or other libs.
At the end of the challenge, every challenger vote every games, it gives solo and team winners.
welcome to pyweek !
Hi there!

I'm just as new to PyWeek as you are, but I think I'm able to answer your questions.

The (five) suggested themes are chosen by 

"[a] person known to the PyWeek organisers, but otherwise independent and not a participant".
"Judging is performed by the individual competitors, so every member of a team entry gets to vote"
"You are allowed to use existing libraries that have been [publicly] available for at least one month before the challenge (and are well documented). The libraries must not implement any game logic. The entire PyGame library is OK to use, as are PIL, PyOpenGL, PyODE, PyOGRE, etc -- all the libraries listed in the PythonGameLibraries wiki page."

Quoted from Da Rules.

[a] person known to the PyWeek organisers, but otherwise independent and not a participant

That's actually not how I'm going to pick themes this time.

I am building a very long list of theme ideas (60 or so) from which I'll pick using random.choice() shortly before theme voting.

There will not be meta-theme.

random.sample is a better choice if you're looking to choose several random items from an iterable ;)

random.sample(population, k) 

# Return a k length list of unique elements chosen from the population sequence. Used for random sampling without replacement.

Yep, that one.