F is for Family

After a few hours of pondering, I've finally come up with my game idea, and its requirements.

Game requirements:

Theme requirements:

Because the theme pulls so strongly towards the conspiratorial mind, I decided to search a bit for inspirational quotes with the words “behind” and “behind + everything”, and a few interesting ones popped up:

The actual idea:The quote about family is the one that hit me hardest, and second was the one about desperation. With that I'm tempted towards a short survival experience navigating dark areas, with creepy ambient audio (I'm happy to know a few places that just sound creepy so  I can spend a bit of time attempting to record it) and monsters lurking around, following you based on the sounds you make. And you gotta find your family. So it's a pretty happy setting. :^)

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I like how you are working through this theme and how you are molding your ideas from different sources. good start!
well, I like the title, 'F is for Family', and I really surprised by your ideas, Good luck!