First Day? No , Birthday, in fact :)

haha, today is my birthday, so happy birthday to me! :) Nowadays, I really can not get age easiliy. say, when I was young, when people asked me :"how old are you?" I can answer the question without doubt, but now, when people ask me, 'how old are you?' first, I will think that I was born in 1984, then this year is 2017, so , I am 33, :) it is quite funny, but I have to say that I am not young any more, of course, I am still young. you know, the earth just running around the sun for 33 years. And just now, In the midnoon, I have a lunch with my master's advisor, I get my master degree in 2010, and how time flies!

OK, back to the pyweek dairy, in fact, I am stating at last week, using kivy, to build a tower defense game. Today, I know the theme, The theme is 'they are behind everything', thanks to gummbum, he told me the meaning last week, and by chance, it is the theme :)

About my game, I have to say that I have a pity, I am not sure I would finish it, because I meet a lot of problems, kivy is harder than pygame I have to say. I spend a whole day to parse tiled map, I tried pytmx, and kivent, but both failed, and I lose my patience, then I load the tiled map by my self, it is just .xml file and I can import using xml module, however, I failed in Linux, and finally, I save my tiled map in JSON, just use json.........

I am not sure I will finish this entry at last, but I will try my best. In the past pyweek, I am surprised about that other entries, wow, they can use pygame to do this and to do that. It is magic, and I want to do something chanllenge, no matter the final result, just coding, :)

ok, I am still dranked, I drank a lot of wine, because my teacher come to see me. and maybe I should stay awake, for pyweek :)

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Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, good luck with PyWeek!
Happy Birthday
thank you all! @redevs @Master47 @fydmyster