Describe type and technology

Taking account of pedagogic purpose,I think i would be easier to find projects if submitter give a lot of key-words or tick standard form as :

what kind of library did you use ?
[X] pygame
[] pyglet
[] ModernGL
[] pyarcade
[X] pillow
[] numpy
[] scipy

what kind of game  mainly it is ?
[] platformer
[] citybuilder

Public Targeted ?
[] Explicit Adult
[X] Adult
[X] Teen
[] familly
[] children

2d / 3d ?
[X] 2d
[] 3d

Multipayer ?
[] No
[X] Hot Seat
[] Network

Name of movie / book which inspired your project
... =>  Dune, Franck Herbert

Kind of universe ?
[X] science-fiction
[] heroic fantasy
[] historic
[] comic
[] realist

Sound tools or source ?
... =>  None


rules of pyweek challenge say:

-Will hopefully increase the public body of python game tools, code and expertise,
-May inspire new projects (with ready made teams!)

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May I also recommend controls, as in keyboard, mouse, controller, or something else. Also, if you need a mouse, is a trackpad okay, or will that make it too hard to play?
Can also tell if target mobil platform i.e. with Kivy
I strong agree with your idea, I want to use kivy this time, and I just find two kivy entries by now. If we add labels, then sorted the work may be good.