Two modules I made for PyWeek: maff and pygame-view

maff is a bunch of simple mathematical convenience functions that come up in games, like easing functions. I think some people might find it useful.

pygame-view is a module to help with supporting multiple window resolutions. I definitely tried to make it usable for everyone, but I know the way I solve this problem is a little unusual, so you may not like it. Still, let me know if you have any feedback or trouble with it.

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You should make these pip installable!

Also, you'd get great results if you Cythonise maff. I might submit a PR to do just that.

That's a great idea, I'd love to! Unfortunately I have never been able to get pip to work for me reliably. Every PyWeek I spend a couple hours on it and eventually end up with the person helping me going, "Huh, it's not supposed to do that. It works for me." I feel cursed. :)

I'll give it another try this time. Got any recommendations for how to get help? I'm on Ubuntu.

There are tutorials and lots of documentation, which is how I learned. For a one-module package your is mostly metadata and just py_modules=['module_name']. Here's an example. Then you run

    $ python sdist upload

That said, there are shortcuts!

pbr automatically configures your package by introspecting things like READMEs and requirements.txt and Git tags.

cookiecutter can set you up a complete repo layout, with a done in the standard way, and preconfigured with py.test and tox, and integrations for things like Travis and pyup. I used that for flake8-html.

Ha, trust me, when it comes to pip, no matter how straightforward the tutorial, I will find a way to mess it up. If you happen to know of any tutorial that have troubleshooting for error messages on Ubuntu, I might have a chance. Otherwise I'm almost certain I'll wind up asking for help.

If I'm lucky, whatever advice I get won't just make things worse, but that'll be a first.

Did you see my PR for maff?
I finally got around to merging mauve's PR for the maff repo, so it's much better packaged now. If the packaging was giving you trouble before, check it out now. Thanks, mauve!