What about tags and mini-picture to find quickly a game ?

there are a lots of games now, each 6 month give a dozen more...
Very hard to find a game when you dont remember the name of the game or author , waste time to click everywhere.

One or two mini-screenshot and tags would be great on Games Page.

paulpaterson had a very good idea here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSfe2ndo6eY&feature=youtu.be

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I did start attempting to do this once. I wanted to tag all new uploads as well as finding an automated way to tag old entries.

I am looking for  Pyglet games  which seems to be stronger than pygame, but still has a little community .

If you use pyglet , or coco2d or everthing else based upon pyglet, tags will help me to target your source code.

I recently arranged with Richard a way to redeploy the site myself, which will make it quite a bit easier to add features.

Unfortunately the codebase has acquired quite a bit of tech debt over 13 years, so needs much work. I'm working on moving the site to Github to make it easier to work on.