Pyweek 24 date ?

when is pyweek 24 ?

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I think we can vote to decide the date, for myself, anytime is fine, I only have vocation on Oct 1st, but I think it would be on August last or September.
Jully and August i can not ;  but 10th or 17th september would be perfect for me.
It was a great experience for me !

Well, it's probably time to start thinking about this. Actually that was quite a while ago, but better late than never (like last year). 

I'm thinking October. 

July is out since < 30 day notice is a bad idea. August is still too soon. September, probably also too soon. I have a feeling there's quite a few people that drop in every few months, and it would effectively be a last minute notice for some despite efforts to spread the word. 

November and December are generally bad for most people.

Minimal grace might be something like six weeks notice. That's two weeks to modify, debug, tidy, and publish our libs for Pyweek rules compliance, plus the 30-day mental prep. If you want to vote that's fine. Jul-Aug are popular summer vacation months. Sep might be the soonest sweet spot. <-- JMO
Maybe folks post their blackout periods on this thread and we'll see if there are any open weeks, and vote on them or toss a die.
We should vote with Doodle ?
I see a beautifull weekend on 15 th september.

September / October are doable! August is out (too soon, and I'll be recovering from running PyCon AU :-)
September / October also works for me.
And here's an actual survey form so I can collect this a little more quantifiably

I was about to call it, then a few more responses trickled in today and reinforced the consensus.

Survey says: October 15th.