Day 1-3

I wasn't that keen on this theme, because I was hoping to make a pleasant and relaxing game this year, but I just can't brainstorm anything good that meets the theme like this :).

I'm going solo this comp (Lucid is sitting this one out), and hence down on artistic talent and ability :( .. therefore I decided this was agood opportunity to go for something 3D. I'm doing a tactical space shooter (inspired by games like colony wars and x-wing vs. tie fighter) with a backstory involving working for a terrorist cell against a government responsible for the killing of your family. 

I'm going a bit different by avoiding opengl or hardware rendering, and attempting to see how far I can get with numpy + pygame alone. I've had issues with pyopengl and panda3d before on various machines, and I'm concerned about the playability of games with lots of dependencies. It's working out pretty well so far, although I've quicky learnt how difficult it is to create texture mapping using numpy alone in an efficient way. Most of what I have so far is flat shaded polygons, which I think will fit the bill OK.

I spend most of day 1 and 2 developing a rendering system for polygons and blobs that uses colour and lighting. I got some basic spacecraft physics working towards the end of day 2 and some modelling, other visual effects and a basic HUD working day 3. Making good progress, but concerned still that I'm overscoping on this one :) ... oh well, thats all part of the fun, isn't it?

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Adrift II ? :) I like Adrift ^ v ^
Yes, it definitely had some influence :)