Congrats and thanks for all the squids

Thanks for a fun pyweek, everyone. Congrats to the winners. It looks like the return contestants just keep getting better and better.

The rater comments on all the games were generally positive, helpful, and respectful. It was a pleasure reading your thoughts, and it helps us make funner, inovativer, and productioner games. (Yes, those aren't real words. :))

I enjoyed exploring the games and, as always, much fun making ours. Cheers.

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As a first time participant and having never made a game before I thought this was super fun. For the first hour of the competition I sat there thinking that this was impossible and this was not the theme I was hoping for. Then a few ideas jelled and I just made a real simple game mechanic. I didn't have a lot of time so I kept it as simple as possible. It is especially rewarding to get feedback and comments since I wasn't sure if I really had a game or not at submission time.
yeah, we communicate with each other by games. Yours creepy ants really scared me ^ v ^