Day 6-7

OK it's finally in. Wanted to write this right after submission, but needed some sleep. Day 6: Finalised the graphical integration of the main game. Bit of work on cut-scenes. Day 7: Finished cut-scenes and story/intro. Developed "tutorial" system built into the first level to guide the player on how to play. Developed most of the game's level/puzzle content. Generally speaking, I'm pretty happy with what we got out. As always, there were things that got planned that didn't make the cut: The biggest thing that happened this time was the length of the game/number of levels/quality of level design: it got left a bit too late in the development (last hours of day seven) and it just wasn't enough time to do it properly. It feels like this is always going to be a problem with such a short dev time: this is the major area for improvement for me next comp (I think I said that last comp as well :) ).

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I would like to play an extra level pack, this game is too short :/