First submission

The game is almost finished - and I have submitted a first version, just in case I'm not able to do so until the end of sunday. I have coded all the day - but still, music and sounds are missing, as well as some improvements in the graphics... I will work hard before midnight in order to include basic sound effects and atmosphere music - which have already been chosen. Testing of the program is a pain. On my computer, all works well, but on some others, it crashes without obvious reason. I "fixed" the problem by converting the script to .exe file.

YannThor on 2016/03/05 16:20 of YannThor

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Gosh! You thought of the same idea as me! I'm not going to accuse you of copying or anything like that. It's clear that we thought of this idea independently. I haven't copied you as I posted on the 28th of February about my gravitation simulation idea, three days before you posted about yours. There would be no point of either of us copying each other anyway; there is no advantage to be gained from it. I hope no one votes us down based on our similar concepts. Since the take on the gravity simulation idea (the goals) is completely different (opposite) on both our games, they seem quite different.