Warmup: Turret Commander

This was done in a day (around 10 hours) earlier this week in competition with another guy from uni. Shoot the squishy pink guys and get them to explode near the inky black baddies.

Turret Commander is the first game I've written in pyglet, the framework I'll be using for PyWeek. You'll need a decent graphics card, and either Python 2.5, or Python 2.4 with ctypes installed.

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Nice job on the graphics. You did this in a day? That's either fast or I'm really slow. :) The idea is simple, but it's fun.

One thing I got frustrated about was that when they are too close, there's nothing you can do. Sometimes they spawn too close. I'd suggest making the angle allow you to shoot a bit closer.

My highscore is 1500, but I haven't played much.
Yeah, I'm well aware the gameplay needs tweaking. One of the last things I did before "finishing" was to add the base of the turret, which raised it off the ground a little -- this is what makes it so difficult.

I'm amazed at your score.. I've never gotten above 300!

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "turret.py", line 609, in 
  File "turret.py", line 573, in main
    visible=False, vsync=False)
  File "D:\saluk\downloads\turretcommander\lib\pyglet\window\__init__.py", line 961, in __init__
  File "D:\saluk\downloads\turretcommander\lib\pyglet\window\win32\__init__.py", line 343, in create
  File "D:\saluk\downloads\turretcommander\lib\pyglet\window\win32\__init__.py", line 358, in set_vsync
    if wgl_info.have_extension('WGL_EXT_swap_control'):
  File "D:\saluk\downloads\turretcommander\lib\pyglet\gl\wgl_info.py", line 34, in have_extension
    return extension in self.get_extensions()
  File "D:\saluk\downloads\turretcommander\lib\pyglet\gl\wgl_info.py", line 24, in get_extensions
    if not gl_info.have_context:
NameError: global name 'gl_info' is not defined

I can't seem to run pyglet, or any games that use it, at all on either my windows or linux machine :(