Can I use code that I made just now?

So pyweek dropped again as a ton of rectangular building things and so I wonder about the rule of releasing a library a month before the event. I just finished and published a snippet about reading and writing a configuration file for a Panda3D game, it has no game logic, it just shows the user a gui where options can be selected, saves the options to a text file and fires up the game.
You can see it here:
Question is - can I use it?

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You are allowed to use existing libraries that have been available for at least one month before the challenge (and are well documented).

I think it's too late. Also you should do more than just put it Github and write a forum post: tag a release (maybe put up a tarball), and include documentation in the repo - maybe just a containing what you put in the forum post.

If I had known pyweek would be so soon, I'd have written this snippet sooner. Basically it's the same code I made for the 8-bit challenge but the button layout is loaded from a simple dictionary not made with 700+ lines of spaghetti code.
I'll cook up some replacement in the competition time, but I think it would be ok if anyone else wants to use this code.