Game complete!

Unlike last time, this time we're actually submitting a complete game, yay! There's a lot I could say about the process, but for now, I'm just asking for bug reports and crashes. Let me know if the game doesn't work for you!

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It seems bug-free, based on one play through. Awesome job!

Thanks for trying it!

I found a couple issues running the game with Python 3, and switching to fullscreen during gameplay, which I have uploaded v1 to fix. Gameplay should be identical between v0 and v1.

Cosmologicon: I've played and rated your game (unfortunately didn't finish it because MemoryError raised but still played it a lot).
I've also added diary entry where I explain Examples. You can load examples by pressing right shift, but only in editor mode (which can be accessed by pressing F2).
I had to change the sound loading from passing open files to filepaths to get it to run. I also got a pygame memory error which happened right after I found the sixth(?) ship unlock (it was the last one visible on the map at the time). Traceback:

Hm, I thought I had fixed that sound file issue in version 1. Are you playing v0 or v1?

I'm not sure what the memory problem is from your traceback. If the game is taking too much memory, one possible fix is to change the 16's in line 12 of src/ to something smaller, like 4. So change the line from "alpha = int(round(alpha * 16)) / 16" to "alpha = int(round(alpha * 4)) / 4".

If you're worried about the game crashing, you can press F5 periodically to save the game.

Thanks for trying it!

Oops, I had v0.

Very nice game! :)

There's definitely a memory leak in there, somewhere. It was growing by 10M / s for large chunks of my playthrough, and ate quite a bit of swap before I finished. I never actually ran out of memory, though, and the game never slowed down, so it seems like the leak is all cold data. I didn't dig further than that. (Too many games I still have to play...)