Nearly there

Well, I'm almost done. And that's good considering I won't have much time tomorrow. I'm thinking of adding a couple more levels (there's not that many, and there's a sudden increase of level difficulty near the end (plus, I haven't integrated some of the bugs- sorry, features)). Maybe a menu/splash screen is needed. Not enough time to do art? Should probably sort some of the dicts before displaying; it's currently in an arbitrary order. But yeah, looking good, much better than I was expecting :)

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Oh, and the game has resize support now. Pretty proud of that :D
I couldn't seem to alter the properties of the objects. I click on them and sometimes they do something (like changing direction) but I cannot seem to adjust this. It just seems to jump to a new setting. Am I missing something?
paul - I had the same issue, it's an integer division issue, importing division from future in fixed it (or running with py3)
to run with py 2.x fix this (of the from future import): scroll_value /= float(self.items[i].image.get_width()) line99 in