Pygame Zero, a zero-boilerplate game runtime

I'm today releasing a new Pygame wrapper for Python 3, Pygame Zero, that I started at Pycon and worked on with Richard. It's a remastering of Pygame's APIs, intended first and foremost for use in education. It gives teachers a way to teach games programming concepts without having to explain things like game loops and event queues (until later). But there are also high-level features that would be useful for Pyweekers - for example, it ships with a built-in copy of Cosmologicon's excellent ptext.

I'd welcome your feedback if you are able to install it and try it out. It is, of course, on my Bitbucket if you would like to submit pull requests. If you would like to get involved in the project, writing easy-to-understand demos and tutorials would be much appreciated.

I think the APIs are pretty complete and convenient, but I've shipped it under a beta version tag for a short feedback period. If you try it out and are able to suggest any changes within the next week or so, then I'll look to incorporate them. Otherwise I will release it as is, as version 1.0, next week.

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Awesome, works great for me for the most part on Ubuntu. The code looks nice and clean. Good job putting it together. There were 2 demos that crashed, using the download in your first link. gives me "TypeError: circle() missing 1 required positional argument: 'color'", and gives me "KeyError: "No 'fonts' directory found to load font 'bubblegum_sans'." I think these are pretty simple fixes, but if you need any more information, just let me know.

Thanks, this is useful.The error has already been fixed, but the fonts error is due to missing some extensions in that I hadn't spotted.

Congrats on the release! No, the next PyWeek (and the Windows thing) is no closer, I'm afraid.