Tool to help drawing text in pygame

I've made a module called ptext that I plan to use it in upcoming PyWeeks. It provides convenience functions and effects for drawing text in pygame. If you have any feedback or criticism please let me know. Thanks.

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Seems cool, but I've already created something like that in my library .

Nice! This is pretty much what we need for Richard's and my new simplified pygame wrapper for education, Pygame Zero. Might have to integrate it.
That's a great simplification of the API!

Would you consider adding hollow/outline to this? Something like

richard: I've added hollow text for outlines (and drop shadows). To use it, specify a transparent "color" keyword (e.g. (0,0,0,0)) when you use "owidth". Thanks for checking it out.

I just pushed a bug fix to this tool. The fix prevents crashes when pygame is using recent versions of numpy (I've only seen the problem on OSX so far).

If you're planning to use this tool for PyWeek this time, please grab the latest version from the repo (link in original post).