Games not being rated

I dunno why but ALL the games have not been rated yet Sadly, pygame doesn't work on my computer so I can't test any of them D:

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We compiled ours to JavaScript:
If games show up as "not rated" on the entries page, that just means you haven't rated them. Other people have probably rated them. You won't see the other ratings until judging is finished.
That can't be why; I've reviewed several games (in fact, I'm finished reviewing, save for one 2-player-only game that I need another player to review), and they all still show up as "None" for me. I just assumed that the ratings weren't going to show up until the end of the rating period.
Yes, you're right. On the "all games" page, they'll show up as None until the judging period is over. But on the "entries" page, you should be able to see which ones you've rated.
Ah, I didn't even know about that page.