Judges - What to expect

The game should take 15-20 minutes to complete in its default configuration. This, of course, will depend on your skill, prudence, patience, how many nighttime missions you have to endure, whether you respect the cutters, how many cutter packs you get stuck in, whether you will fight with dogged persistence for your customers or abandon them and make a run for it, and how many times boss sends you back out to meet his quota. It took me 20 minutes with two nighttime missions, and a couple run-ins with cutter packs where I lost all and really had to fight for it.

There are seven levels of increasing difficulty in the default configuration. If you prefer a shorter game, edit settings.py and remove some of the digits from the PICK_LEVELS list. The higher digits are the more difficult levels.

If you want to play the nighttime missions but the darkness effect is too dark for your monitor or eyes, edit settings.py and increase SUN_RISE_AND_SET_MIN from the default of 0.15 to (guessing) 0.5. You can experiment to find the right level of darkness to challenge you by pressing in-game the "0" key to make it night and "1" to make it day.

There is an undocumented key control in-game which was added late so I could take a screeshot for the Pyweek project page: RETURN key. The screenshot is placed in the game root directory, named screen-MMSS.png, where MMSS is the time in minutes and seconds. Not sure how we can post our screenshots, but that would be fun for those with really beefy decks who can run user-designed insanity levels. :)

If you have played enough and can't finish the game, you can still see the ending. Edit settings.py and change TEST_END_GAME to True. Start the game and Play. The game will then skip to the end.

Cheating is subtly mentioned on the Instructions screen in the game, and bears repeating here. Cheaters and tweakers can look in README.txt for hints and tips on cheating.

I hope you have as much fun playing as we had making this game.

Gumm :)

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Well: good game but:
No losing condition; you should have added some of this things:
Completely losing humans

Innovation: 4 (innovative story, but some concepts are not so innovative)

Fun: 4 (I wrote what was bad up here)

Production: 4

Please comment on my 'game' (what was bad, what was right)

Hi, knowledge, Thank you for the feedback. Losing the game, perma loss, timer, and lives were purposely not part of the design. =) Perma loss of a customer is your choice. You get to deal with your guilty conscience for abandoning your poor confused customer. A timer would have taken the player's focus off of beating the baddies. If you're beating the clock it makes it easier to justify ditching your poor confused customer. Lives just didn't make sense. We thought tomatoes should satisfy your blood lust. There are no losers. Only winners and quitters. =) There is one legitimate way out of this game: to wake up from the bad dream in the comfort of your One Room. :D