After uploading the files, I noticed I didn't include the readme. Fail

So, because time is short, the readme will only be included in the "p3d multiplatfor" version and here, as a diary entry. Sorry


Installation and running the game

The game is available as:

To run the game from source-code you will need to install the Panda3D SDK:
To run the game as a .p3d file you will need the Panda3D runtime:
All other versions should be self-contained, but I can't guarantee they are.


The game can be configured using a text file named "config.txt" placed in the same directory as the executable. The available options are:

An example of a valid config file:
antialiasing FXAA
fullscreen False
key_forward w
key_left a
key_right d
post-process Bloom+Lens Flare
reflection 512
sound-volume 80
music-volume 50
win-size 800 600
max-colors 6
cube-per-face 16
music_track music.ogg


The objective of the game is to get as many point as possible. Points are given for finding two or more cubes of the same color. If the cubes lay on different faces of the game room the score is multiplied - for example if you find 3 green boxes on 3 different faces you will get not 3 points but 9 (3x3).

At the start the colors of all boxes is visible, but once a box is selected all but the selected boxes turn black.

To select a box - walk into it. Walking is done using W, A and D keys. A turns the character left, D turns the character right, W moves the character on field forward (also up the wall, if you are next to a wall!)

The camera can be controlled using the mouse, by pressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse around.

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You're saying that time is too short to add this readme to your entry? Are you sure the deadline is when you think it is? Also I would count adding a readme as "packaging", which is okay to do after the deadline.
Nothing I can do now. Can't get to the PC with the files, I can only write this comment from a phone and I will be out of wifi range till monday.

It was more like PyRealyBusyThreeDays then PyWeek this time.
The name is a tiny (bad) joke, it should be Room3D, but I can't say it's all that finished, so I named it 'Room3'
Ah, very well then!